Transformational Leadership Coaching is what I call what I do. I ensure people have the strategy, structures, and psychology they need – for the success, social impact, and personal freedom they aspire to.
In my business coaching and strategy consulting, I work inside financial services, instos, VC firms, and large privately owned businesses. I attract clients who are looking for real accountability, and rapid change. 
When it comes to leadership coaching for private clients, I attract those who are committed to a large life and are brave enough to take themselves on.


It’s time to triumph, and claim real results! With qualifications in Consulting, Coaching, Workplace Training and Behavioural Profiling, alongside a “past life” in Sports Medicine, I am most passionate about effective use of energy and good form in all areas. I combine behavioural change methods, performance psychology, DISC profiling, coaching, consulting and the DeMartini Method. I harness a range of business growth, infrastructure and performance management strategies such as the One Thing Framework, the Rockefeller Habits Framework and my highly successful 3 Steps/Danger score-carding method.

What can you expect from our collaboration? We all need specialised advice for specialised results. I believe that coaching is a tool for excellence and no coach has all the answers. This makes one of my primary goals for my clients to outgrow me! Another is for clients to realise the power and impact they have on the world as a creator of employment, customer experiences, and shaping the future around them. Beyond my uncapped vision of your potential, you will discover that I think I’m funny and am a chronic punner – so brace yourself for when we connect! 


Emily Diamond is a Transformational Leadership Coach, and the creator of the Belief Revolution project, and the 2 Minute Mindset Miracle coaching program. She has spent the last twenty years honing and harnessing a diverse leadership skill set, and the last fifteen establishing a fierce reputation in results oriented business coaching and leadership psychology.

Emily grew up as the youngest of four children in an Australian household. Both of her and her siblings’ parents were teachers, academics, and ardent feminists. Her youth bolstered the foundations of what would become a life-long belief in the values of knowledge sharing, and of empowerment. Emily saw the world through an idealist’s lens. However, a series of formative trauma experiences were about to shape her destiny in unexpected ways. Through her struggle, she came to realise that while she lacked the adequate mental and emotional resources to conquer the complex challenges she now faced, the experts she encountered did not have answers either. Rather than shedding her aspirational standards, Emily set about cultivating new coping strategies. These would help her move past bad habits and emotional pain, and would become the roots of Emily Diamond. 

The Road To Transformation

In the early years of her personal development journey, Emily came to understand the vast potential of behavioural change. She discovered that Unconscious Change methods based in Ericksonian Hypnosis, the work of Virginia Satir, and Neuro Linguistic Programming had the power to deliver fast, effective – and fundamentally lasting – results. Meanwhile, Emily entered the worlds of Medicine and Sport. She pursued a bachelor of nursing at Sydney University, and a double diploma from Australasian College of Natural Medicine in Remedial Massage. Here, she majored in Sports, and specialized in neck, jaw and headache conditions.

Emily spent 5 years in successful clinical practice. She led multidisciplinary clinics in Sydney as a sports and clinical massage therapist. This included working inside Sydney AFL clubs and mentoring other therapists. During this time, she obtained post qualifications in NLP, coaching, and unconscious change. Thus began her transition into the fields of behavioural transformation and leadership coaching. Emily quickly started to deliver workshops and workplace trainings on the topics of communication, performance, and change, inside financial services companies. She then progressed to working with a variety of firms across industries including the Royal Australian Navy and Westpac Banking Corporation.

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Today, Emily has more than 15 years under her belt coaching for executives, entrepreneurs and managers. She works alongside her own team of coaches and workshop facilitators, trained in the Emily Diamond processes and methods. Together, they help businesses and individuals alike tap into their true leadership potential. To discover more about Emily, explore her Testimonials, discover her upcoming Digital Programs – including the highly anticipated Belief Revolution project – or jump straight in by booking a free leadership consult with the Emily Diamond team today!