If you know, instinctively, that your business can be so much bigger, better, or smarter – and you are ready to bin the burnout – it’s time for us to talk. A business can only grow at the same rate as it’s leadership. With this reality in our cross-hairs, we developed the Transformational Leadership Intensive program to help you take your vision, and make it a bold new reality. The TLI combines strategy with psychology to ensure that both commercial and leadership growth are happening side by side. Experience fast, tangible results, and a solid new status quo. Discover what is truly possible when you hold the reins of your professional destiny.

Advanced Leadership Coaching + Management Skills + Performance Systems

Are you getting burned out by your business? Are staff relations your biggest problem? Are you sick of feeling trapped and tired, or of treading on eggshells? If you are ready to step into the leadership potential that you know is buried under stress and time pressures, then we are definitely meant to talk… It’s time that your business started to serve you – rather than the other way around. If being the leader at the helm has left you drained, it’s time for an overhaul. Perhaps you’re the owner – the one taking all the risks, putting your heart, happiness, and often health and home on the line? Perhaps you instinctively know that a management coach could elevate the standards of leadership across your business. Whatever your leadership reality, the TLI will provide you with the exact resources that you require to reinvent your experience in double time.

Delivering measurable Results

When we talk in terms of tangible results, what exactly do we mean? At a most fundamental level, it is simply the measurable commercial goals of revenue targets, expansion of market share, and asset value. Emily’s leadership coaching strategy has aided businesses as they move towards multiplying their annual turnovers, vastly expanding their service models, and transforming running losses into substantial profits. However, on a deeper level, tangible results means bringing clarity to your leadership strategy – it means developing a high-focus bird’s eye view of your business, before identifying and remedying its foundational flaws.

Discover how to bring out the strengths in your staff, and make HR an ally and asset, rather than a tap on your resources. Build upon your understanding that the performance of your business model, team, and self is a psychological game. If you value collaboration, support and expert advice, and get a kick out of self mastery and the bigger picture of your impact, then we can’t wait to help you manifest your goals. Build your business into the thriving enterprise that you know it can be. Maximise your multidimensional leadership experience – with the Transformational Leadership Intensive.