Emily is the master at taking the mystery out of things… she got me clear, focused, inspired and on track with my business. It was terrific having her in the business, and we are all better off as a result! I have no hesitation in recommending Emily for any coaching project.”

Nick Allan
Managing Director – The Divine Company

“I had the wrong staff, marketing not working, and was unclear of how to achieve my goals. I feel I needed more systems. She keeps me on track, there is no more procrastination and my actions are aligned with my goals. She goes straight to the source of the problem, has really good knowledge about business and makes it all make sense.”

Melanie Summer
Entrepreneur & Investor

“I took away knowing how to get the best out of myself as a human. How to hack my behaviour and leverage it to get the best out of life for me and the people I care about. I was excited to realise I could change my future, short term and long term and it happened as I went through the course. I got to feel in control – that I wasn’t just ruled by my brain and impulses. I travel a lot so I am thrilled it is online now for me.”

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“I didn’t know how much could change in 6 weeks. This process with Emily sneaks up on you. I changed so much. I let go of conditioned thinking and so much old pain. I started to experience energy and a way of being that I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. It helped me massively. I moved through a painful career transition and created a beautiful co-created romantic relationship with the man I’m now married to where before I had patterns of co-dependency. Step by step, through showing up at every session and doing the tasks between sessions, it all snowballed until everything seemed to change for the better.”

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“Peeps. This is the real deal. I have completed 3 courses with this lovely lady and they really are life changing. She teaches you how to make life improvement second nature. So much so that massive shifts in my situation have already started, simply by DECIDING to do the program again! Can’t wait to get the show on the road! Watch out world!”

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“Thank you, forever grateful. The clarity and motivation I obtained by completing your courses has been extra-ordinary. I’ve achieved feats I never expected and I have all the amazing memories of my life to show for it now! The results of the unconscious goal setting work you do was powerful, surprising and easy to measure – they happened.”

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