Believing is not seeing – it’s everything!

So much of our not~Enoughness is belief systems.    

💩 Shitty, little, simple belief systems that stop us.    

But they have so much power because beliefs hover in this murky place between conscious and unconscious thought processes 🌕🌓🌑 Rarely do we see them.    

Most of the time they are flying past us undetected and determining our conscious thoughts and self talk 🙈🙉🙊

The old way of dealing with beliefs is conscious (read: hard) to identify THEN a process with a practitioner to change. 👩🏫👨🏾🏫  

Nope. No more! I’ll declaring an end to all of that hard work! 🤩  

Try my ⚡From Toughness to Enoughness Experiment⚡ to get to know your unconscious and I’ll keep giving updates on how we can quickly and easily CHANGE OUR OWN BELIEFS.  

My True or False training program is in production and will be launched soon so that you can find out what beliefs your brain has wired in…   Knowing is the first step to change.  

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