Binds that harm. Binds that heal.

How I turned my pain and rage 😠😤 into a life of love and delight 💜🙏

Being a powerful business and community leader, mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT!


There are binds that harm and binds that heal.

We are all bound and we cannot escape it.

You are bound right now, even if you can’t see it 🙈

You are bound by your biology of your body 🏃 (maybe not as much as we think though!)

You are bound by the physical laws of this universe ✨

And you are bound by your mind 💆

Your mind determines what you can or cannot have, who you can or cannot be, what you will or will not do, what you see and do not see, what you hear and do not hear, what you achieve and do not achieve and what you feel and do not feel.

Our mind binds us with it’s old ideas, old beliefs, old perceptions, old pains, old problems and old behavioural strategies.

Once your brain picks a perspective or makes a decision you are bound by it, inside of it, operating from it, through it and not even consciously aware of it.

There’s enough “Pop Psychology” out there now for everybody to know now that our lives and behaviour are a product of our thinking.

If you are still resisting or rejecting that, you have got an unnecessary obstacle in your way to your empowerment.

A lot of us don’t know the difference between our conscious and unconscious minds, and we don’t know how to distinguish them OR alter either when we aren’t satisfied, feeling the love and smashing the results.

When our perspectives, decisions, beliefs, values and our identity are re-examined consciously (then repatterned unconsciously) that is where your real growth, change and transformation occurs.

Cutting the ties that bind for me happened by “doing the work”. I found my coaches, I found my mentors, I found my groups.

I went to work on myself everyday and thank all the stars in the heavens that I knew on some deep level that life didn’t have to be that way and it gave me the courage to push on.

When you unpick the binds that constrain you, it’s not over! New perspectives eventually become the new binds and they’ve got to be up for review and evaluation when you outgrow them.

If you’re ready to start examining your binds and reshaping and recreating a life worthy of your effort, energy and devotion you can start with one simple binding technique.

Start with what is the source of your pain? Is it expectations? Righteousness? Anger? Fear? Sadness? Disappointment?

And then figure out what is the most important thing to you.. is it connection? Love? Success? Belonging? Growth? Pleasure? Empowerment???

And then ask yourself what’s really more important: Staying angry or having love in my life?

What’s really more important: Me being righteous and correct or connection and belonging?

What’s really more important: Being disappointed and hurt or my success?

You are a human – there is no escaping binds – so bind yourself to empowering frameworks.

Bind yourself with your priorities and you will find your level of power, impact, joy and satisfaction begin to skyrocket.

Let me support and guide your process – we can talk – just set a time with me www.emilydiamond.com.au/bookings

Love, Emily

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