How labels don’t really empower us… Part 1

Labelling behaviours create more issues than they’re trying to solve.

I’m here to have a little rant. All this week I’ve been coming up against…how the labels that we use for ourselves, our behaviours, our preferences, the people around us, only empower us so far. They only empower us half way but they don’t carry the day. They don’t actually produce the primal needs around connection and comfort and facilitating


For example, the breakthrough, the new experience, the increase in effectiveness in our communication and connection or our ability to express ourselves and empower others by generating authority or connection. All the things we’re looking for.

Today it came up in the form of extrovert/introvert. You guys know I have this thing about other labels such as procrastination…

I DON’T BELIEVE IN IT.. I THINK ITS B.S. These labels help you articulate, identify or acknowledge what’s going on but they don’t actually facilitate any change.

What happens is, we focus on this thing we call behaviour that is clearly undesired. We can label this behaviour as self sabotage or we can label that behaviour as procrastination. That now means I’ve got the behaviour (that’s the actual problem) and I’ve also now got this other issue, this psychological issue called procrastination or self sabotage.

So I’ve got unproductive behaviour AND now a psychological issue! GREAT! More to deal with!

Paying attention to that “problem” means that I’m now trying to interact with it and I’m not addressing the actual core problem, the real issue…the behaviour. So those kind of labels help us with awareness and articulation but they don’t help us with the actual process of transformation.

I do a 6 step process with people around transformation. See Part 3 of this blog for the details. You’re either using time as your method for growth or you’re using transformation. Time will run its own course.t doesn’t give us certainty or even a high probability that it will happen. It also doesn’t give us a high probability of giving us what we want. Whereas transformation increases our probability of growth happening in a particular time, space and form and matching up with what our actual designed intentions are.

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Read on to Part 2 of this series for the next installment!

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