Haven’t we had enough already?

Rise and shine beautiful leaders!

Looping at the same levels over and over… Haven’t we had enough already?

Enough waiting.
Enough shame.
Enough hiding.
Enough sorry~sorry.
Enough tall poppy.
Enough smallness.
Enough “got~to~be~perfects.”


I lost my (sh*t) patience for it all and that’s when my leadership magic happened, I got more interested in the impact I was going to make than I was how to keep “handling” my fears and went and found the techniques for overcoming the blocking emotional states and limiting beliefs.

Fear is critically important in our survival… Don’t get me wrong. Fear that hasn’t been processed (closure) from the past is ruining countless lives and businesses. I see it every day.

Last week, a prospective client with a massive goal for her family’s future was stuck in the fear of investing in herself. That fear is valid in the world of survival, but she isn’t surviving… She is highly intelligent, clever, resourceful with a proven track record and a proven model. But her old emotions tell her she is still in survival.

That emotion is a leftover from the past. The tools and techniques I use give that closure and return the fear levels back to being environmentally appropriate. Now I can’t wait till she sees who she is as a leader on the other side of processing it!

I only got to the other side by accessing the techniques that integrate our fragmented, compartmentalized psychology. And that took declaring “Enough!”

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