Propelled or Paralysed?

“I work best under pressure”  

Ugh! One of the most toxic and glamourised beliefs in business!

Sure, we might turn it out fast and make it happen and get a fat hit of dopamine…  

The rush of a result! But we know there is always then the niggling:

“We made do” “Best we could under the circumstances and “If we had just a bit more time…”

Humans undeniably make miracles happen in moments of stress.

All too often then, we then learn that this is where we shine (stress and drama) so then keep setting ourselves up for high pressure scenarios to make sh*t happen..  

Stress culture, burn out and peaks and troughs of productivity are the symptoms that this belief system is running the show. Want to change all that? Change the beliefs…  

“I work best in flow and structure” is the one I “installed” yesterday for a beautiful client. It doesn’t matter how smart we are and how good we are at what we do..

I’ve met plenty or struggling and broken geniuses and not so bright success stories… It is beliefs that propel us or paralyse us.  

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