You are MAGIC!

From the walking, talking, making-shit-happen on a ball hurtling through space down to the tiny electromagnetic actions in your cells.

You are MAGIC!

Every one of us has our own MAGIC.

We can’t see our own eyeballs though and a lot leaders don’t recognize their unique powers and spend mental energy on what they AREN’T ENOUGH of.

While we spend energy on that we miss where the magic can be doing the biggest good, having the biggest impact and making this world what we want.

TRUTH: If you have period of burn out this is one of the causes. Not seeing, owning or allowing our unique magic do it’s thing and wanting ourselves to be either way.

Power occurs when acceptance is at work. Accepting your magic can be very difficult and I’m a poster girl of that struggle.

If this touches on something in you then it’s time for us to talk. Ready to explore your leadership limitations and take them on?

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