🏪 Permission time! 🎢⚡

When we are TOUGH on ourselves we don’t grant a lot of grace, space and humanity to ourselves.

We withhold many gifts and one of the ways I like to address TOUGHNESS is detailing what we could allow, grant and give permission to ourselves for.

Here’s a favourite of mine that I face everyday.

Taking the feedback from our billions of years-evolved physiology and letting those fabulous feelings do their job!

🤗😬🤪 Our chemical messenger systems is a symphony of signals indicating what is happening in our environment and our perception of our environment.

We are not all conditioned to process the signals so they have to persist over long periods to get their job done. Like a snooze button, they just keep popping up into they get the action they are seeking ~ resolution.

The feelings are going to keep coming, just like the snooze alert goes UNTIL WE WAKE UP.

What would stand in the way of you giving yourself permission to be upset when you are upset? Expressing the upset? Addressing the upset?

That’s our power, that’s ENOUGHNESS. You already have touch emotional resources, I know because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have read this far!

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