Business leadership breakthroughs parallel in Parenting!!

Most of the business owners I work with are parents too.

Their leadership issues at home are the same in business.

😮😮 It is often way more powerful for me to address the patterns in the context of parenting and let the change flow over onto their style at work.

I say “easier”, it’s actually, path of least resistance, we are usually more willing to self reflect, challenge our thinking and change when the subject is so primal.

It’s incredibly easy to compartmentalize and justify business leadership issues because we are dealing with other “grown ups”.

Oh my squisher! This little lady. ME!

I see my daughter in this and the mixture of emotions is joy, fear and hope.

Parenting so far seems to be: routine, snuggles, fun and laughter, praise/reprimand/enquiry, hysterical conversions, consciously not projecting our stuff responding to fear (ours & hers) , who are you and where did you come from?!!

My parents are such great comfort in this, they are on the other side of the developmental parenting and in the magic/strangeness of grandparenting.

Watching your kids raise kids. What a trip.

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