Esteem is how you think of yourself

Wherever you are kicking ass and feeling good about yourself, please notice that you’ve got a mixture of self~esteem and self~confidence there.

🤗👍💪🏽 Esteem is how you think of yourself.

💪🏽 Confidence is certainty around your ability to perform.

💪🏽 🛑 Wherever you are struggling and being tough on yourself, identify if it’s both or one that is absent.

This gives you the pathway to success in that area. The being tough on ourselves BS drives us further away from resolution and feeds the problem+time=bigger problem formula.

😮😮😮😮😮 Breaking the BS, building new boundaries, gaining new skills.

Yes! This is how we live true to our values and is the essence of Enough.

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Sending love to you all this Monday.

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