You already know…

“I know, I know!”
But do we really?

I am a fact ferret and love “knowing”.
But knowing didn’t change my bloody behaviour!

I KNEW my communication 101+ and was still dominating and projecting my insecurities in dialogue.

I KNEW advanced productivity but was still not doing my daily plans.

So is it REALLY learning if the behaviour didn’t change?
Your staff KNOW what they are meant to do, but don’t do it. What is that?!

I have been slammed over and over with knowing is not the same as learning.

In my opinion, knowing is conscious and learning is unconscious ~ that is, it becomes a part of who I am/my natural behaviour.

I now only guage on behaviours with change-work. Changes in feelings and thoughts are good, but they are not the kicker.

It HAS to be a change in behavior or I don’t rate it!

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