Snapping and scrapping

Snapping and scrapping. That’s how my stress response looks in early stages. Anger and overwhelm is when I’m fully in the red zone. We live in an overstimulating environment which means our nervous system pays the price. Having a baseline of stress support, we all can use that. Healing old active stress charges is where …

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You are MAGIC!

From the walking, talking, making-shit-happen on a ball hurtling through space down to the tiny electromagnetic actions in your cells. You are MAGIC! Every one of us has our own MAGIC. We can’t see our own eyeballs though and a lot leaders don’t recognize their unique powers and spend mental energy on what they AREN’T …

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How labels don’t really empower us… Part 3

Labels only take us so far and seriously.. we all deserve transformation! So where did we get to? Oh yeah, Labels are B.S! Just STOP! They’re just another thing to manage. If you don’t know why, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series. Our values dictate a bunch of our emotional feedback. If you don’t …

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