❌❌Screw what they think!❌❌

I have seen spouses and staff RUIN businesses.

🔇🔇If they aren’t in the driver’s seat their opinion is just noise. 🔇🔇

As business owners, we have a lot of external noise.

Just like learning that external opinions didn’t matter about ourselves, having the capacity to identify external opinions and emotional influences in business is crucial for us to build what we want.

💎💎💎 My magic is providing clients with clarity on THEIR values, goals and beliefs (that we change when they are blocking us).

Together we then build the business processes and systems that support that truth. Brick by brick.

❌ Screw what they think. Behaviour is the truth teller.

Are they putting their butt on the line? No. That’s you. ➡️ Support you. ➡️ Love your self and your vision enough.

My coaching support right now is a vocal coach in the USA working on my ability to fully speak up and clarify my message.

You are not alone even if the people around you are clueless to what you are dealing with.

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