Emotional Intelligence

Haven’t we had enough already?

Rise and shine beautiful leaders! Looping at the same levels over and over… Haven’t we had enough already? Enough waiting.Enough shame.Enough hiding.Enough sorry~sorry.Enough tall poppy.Enough smallness.Enough “got~to~be~perfects.” Enough! I lost my (sh*t) patience for it all and that’s when my leadership magic happened, I got more interested in the impact I was going to make …

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All Trauma is Trauma

RANT! Can we stop with the comparing? Everyone has a different threshold. A different past experience. A different set of coping strategies. What is “no big deal” for you might be the most traumatic experience someone else has ever encountered. Our neurology does not have a reference guide. All trauma is valid. Deserving on attention …

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Is the circle wrong?

Is the circle wrong? Notice what you saw first. The 3 things being the same or the 1 thing being different… Learning what our “meta programs” (cognitive patterns) are, helps us massively by allowing us to challenge our biases and practiced ways. Rewiring ourselves is always an option. Brain plasticity is real fam. Conscious rewiring …

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Snappy bitches and grumpy bastards.

😠🤬 Snappy bitches and grumpy bastards 😅🤣     Would you tell your child they aren’t ______ enough?     ❌ NEVER ❌ You would give critique, feedback and encouragement.     BUT your mind is just as precious as theirs! And therein lies the dilemma. We have the conditioning of criticism on top of …

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Our shitty 3-step stress response

Photo by Miles Storey on Unsplash We do stress a very particular way in the western culture. I love this concept because it comes up almost every single week. I’ve done videos about it. I see it everywhere. Clients bring it up in our sessions ALL.. THE.. TIME!! We’re dismantling it all the time and …

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How labels don’t really empower us… Part 3

Labels only take us so far and seriously.. we all deserve transformation! So where did we get to? Oh yeah, Labels are B.S! Just STOP! They’re just another thing to manage. If you don’t know why, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series. Our values dictate a bunch of our emotional feedback. If you don’t …

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